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❶Thus, we have done everything we could to make your cooperation with our custom paper writing service as clear and convenient as possible.

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It is however necessary that you get a deserving score for your essay no matter your extra responsibilities. This is why if it must be done, then it must be done well. Unfortunately, it is not all people who have the professional competence to produce such well written essays.

We are however lucky to have a pool of competent writers whose full time job is to write excellent essays for you. Writing can be challenging but to them it is a master craft and art they have endured over the years. This is why we call you to put us to a test by placing your first order with us. We have the professionals to do it perfectly. One thing you cannot take from college education is the need to write essays.

Writing college essays is not only a routine but a requirement that ensures that you either pass or fail your college education. Mention of the possibility that once could fail college education is very frightening. But how can you trust a college student for the best? This is why we have assembled professional writers who have graduated from the most reputable universities in US and UK, ready to assist you. Make sure you write an earlier deadline since you WILL need ample time to revise it yourself.

Here's the Feedback I left with them, order number , and the comment on this is a joke, I most certainly placed my order under my own name. I have also emailed all information to their support team and have yet to hear anything from anyone Wow, I was extremely unimpressed with what I got, especially considered the amount paid, as well as paying extra for the "advanced writer".

Several parts of the paper made absolute no sense as they were crudely re-worded as an attempt to not seem plagiarized. Although polycarbonate plastic can bond with glass to oppose bullets, paper towels can scratch its surface and smell salts based window cleaning fluids will harm the material.

Although polycarbonate plastic can bond with glass to resist bullets, paper towels can scratch its surface and ammonia-based window cleaning liquids will damage the material. He hardly changed anything, and on top of that didnt even cite where it came from, which is plagiarism!

This looks like the work of a high school freshman trying not to plagiarize something, and this paper was rated for a bachelors degree! I even paid extra for the plagiarism check which it passed, and when I noticed this I immediately checked with other plagiarism detectors which all came back with red flags! I feel like Ive been scammed, or Im missing something entirely. All this provided me with was some foundation I could base a REAL technical paper on, I had to reconstruct everything on my own out of the waste that was sent to me.

As said before, wow. I did not get my paper on time and I was waiting for several hours for revisions to be made when the writer could have easily finished it within the due date. I say this because of the first work didn't take as long and this work was provided the sources for the second time. The writer failed to use the attachments I provided.

I requested and PAID for the paper to be finished at 7pm eastern time. It is now passed 12am and the assignment cannot be turned it. I would like a refund. The writer was obviously not suitable for the position because I did not receive the paper before 7pm. I did not get an email saying it would be late and I did not get any sort of call. I had to talk to several different people to see the progress of my paper and I still didn't receive valuable information.

I don't understand why I even had to pay the full amount in the beginning when I wasn't even able to see the progress of the work. I am not able to get a refund because I was given a paper already and I sent in revisions. This doesn't even make sense. This has to be the worst company I have ever done business with, ever!

I chose, and paid extra, for one of their TOP writers. I submitted all the necessary information for the essay. It was a 1 page, double-spaced essay for 11 grade. I was told by the case manager, that he would personally proofread the new essay. The new essay was equally as bad, in every way, as the first!

I again make them aware of my dissatisfaction with their inadequate work, and request a refund. I'm currently waiting to hear from someone, anyone! You must put in led work too. Upload your own resources that interest you and a topic.

Work with them and they would work with you, trust me. I am not lazy and i do take my time to read my papers and help to submit documentation to this organization. Use this site and its the best!

In black and white he said I should have it back by now well duh it's been long enough well I called on the 16th wondering where my payment was they said they promise I'll have it by today Once again pick any other company than this one.

Trust me I ended up having to pay more for my paper because these guys suck. No wonder they can't write papers on time, they can't even handle refunds in a timely manner.

I wish I could rate a negative number. This company I sent over a paper to be written in 3 days with the length being 4 pages long. I did not hear back from the company until 3 hours before the paper was due stating that an extension was needed.

Well I call the company to find out what the hell is going on and they inform me that they don't have any writers to write the paper. Well they promise me that they have a writer now working on it the dashboard shows that a writer is working on it and the next morning 12hr late they let me know that nobody is willing to write a simple book review.

So I ended up going with another company then costing me more money because they failed to uphold their promise and now I had to put in a rush order which the company I went with ended up having the paper ready for me within the 9 hours I gave them and I had three hours to send in a slight revision and get back the final draft. Anywho so I go and ask for a refund which I rightfully rightfully deserve and probably more for them wasting my time and money but I ask for a refund of what I paid business days they say, I called at day 5 and ask how the refund is coming along and they say 2 days and I should have it.

Here we are at day 10 and I call them and low and behold a "technical difficulty has occurred" and I need to wait a few more days. This company is garbage I wouldn't trust them to write another paper for me. I have used this service for sometime now. In the past few months their quality has taken a very dramatic turn for the worse yet the customer is blamed in every instance. I have recently been accused of plagiarism from this site.

They clearly do not know how to properly format a paper with the current APA requirements. There was a time that this site did a great job but they like all companies got greedy i noticed a big chance when they restructured how and why the assignments were paid for and when you could have assignments written by top writers for a hefty fee. It sounds like excuse, but I didn't use such services before, so it was my first experience, and, surprisingly for me, I was glad I had it.

I ordered essay on hedonism and was impressed by its content. No trite arguments, no boring definitions and explanations, but fresh thoughts and smooth narration. And thank to comments here I got a discount, so the essay didn't cost much.

Good enough for such a picky client like me: I ordered multiple times with WriteMyPapers. I had some issues before with the dew-days deadline paper, but customer service helped to solve this issue. I just want to mention all people that gave negative comments on the quality of their orders.

Don't be lazy; read the paper that you got, review it, make your comments, and submit it for the revision if you cannot fix it by yourself. After the review read the paper again, adjust it to your needs and make it look like you really wrote it. I am really surprised to see comments of people who submitted the work without reading and got a bad grade. If your professor saw a problem in the paper, or if the paper did not answer the questions asked - you would see it while reading.

Just read and adjust the paper; afterall you present it as your work, so make it look like your work. I hate when something goes wrong and I'm not prepared for that, so I am the person who literally can't live without such services like writemypapers. I tried a lot of similar websites, but none of them provides as many types of academic papers as this one.

So now, I have it bookmarked to have a back-up plan whenever I need it. Always ask about discount! Sometimes managers forget to offer it. From the beginning of this transaction was poor.

I placed my order on a Saturday night using my bank card. Within 30 minutes the staff were claiming they received no payment and wanted me to send my bank statement proving that the money was taken out of my account. I refused because that is information that you never send, so they refused to process my order stating, until they receive the actually money from the bank they will not assist.

They requested for me to send a copy of my card and I refused. What I sent was the invoice , proof of payment from the bank. So I attempted to cancel the order and get my money back, guess what, two hours on the phone the staff on are unsure what to do. I was told, if we can figure out how to do this you will receive a refund between 5 to 7 days.

After expressing my frustration the lady just hangs up. After calling back to speak to a manager or someone who can help, I am told no-one was there. By Tuesday, the staff are just has clueless and collected the money that they claimed was not there. And to no surprise they don't know how to refund. This place and the staff that I encountered were a complete joke, stay away from them. I had asked for a paper to be written and I put all the info they asked.

I also added that I needed two sources. When the wwriter sent me the paper it didnt have the sources. I asked him he forgot the sources. I even contact support to advise him and that I was in need of the paper in just a few hours. They advised me they would contact the writer. Whats the point of paying for a paper if you cant get it on time. Do not use them period go spend money on another service.

It was a challenge to find a service with the 3-hours deadline. The price wasn't low, but my research paper was delivered even in 2!! Do not wait until last minute if you don't want to overpay. The writer was to write a two page paper for masters level. My professor stated that she did not understand what the writer was writing about. I gave the writer specific instructions, to answer the questions in the article. This paper was done at a junior high school level.

Was so embarrassed that she couldn't even grade my paper. Want my money back. For over a decade and turmoil in Somalia after collapse government of Somalia Regime General. These election upcoming on Feb 8th the everyone's attention in the country and outside diasporas around the globe are intense ever alike other election held in the previous. Because of the feeling that is falling Mogadishu is at stake for 4th time postpone delay its incumbent presidential elections that were were suppose to held on August elections not happened.

The senates and member parliaments with committee elections their tirelessly, and effort we shall encourage and thank for its deplorable work. Although there is a lot aren't possible to defeat alike for corruption is a chronic for us to be caution from it. The member parliaments along senators has both led massive corruption incumbent Senators or M. For its set worth spend 5. The long history for its somalia election democratically casts was when Pr.

Sharmarke got elected which has ever last 3 years. This election will be 3rd democratically cast ballot M. P with senatorial considerations to elect next Somali of President overwhelmingly candidacies 24 in line. Moreover along the case of the continental sea miles thus brought attentions Somalia officials unashamed for MOU the delaminates despite the Somalia V Kenya about the agreement continental issue that is signed those figures are in the raise of the Somalia presidential candidacy.

The gradually indicate that those segments agreed documents attempt official Gov. Glad to know there are good writers who want to become a part of our team. But currently we do not hire the new writers. I personally wishing you to find the place that is perfect for you! Sure, you can easily provide us with an access to your library account, so that we can see the sources and send them to the writer. Please stay positive, because we are ready to help you with your paper right away.

Just place your order on the website and include all the details you have. Looking forward to hearing from you! Sure, you can get your paper done within 24 hours! Just place your order through the website and choose 24 hour deadline in the "Deadline" section.

To do that, please press a "Place an order" button in the top right corner on the website and fill out an order form.

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Support Representatives through the chat on the website, via email support writemypapers. Thank you for your question!

I never left any reviews here or anywhere but used the service several times. It all depends on the writer assigned to your order. I think that you'd better ask for of of the top writers. They are better than regular. Wish you good luck! Sure, we can write a review on a specific book for you.

You can place your order right away by filling our the details in the order form on our website http: That's the easiest way to get your paper. If you need help or get more information, please contact our Customer Support Manager at , through the chat on the website or via email support writemypapers.

Hope to hear from you soon! However, if it happens so that you are be not completely satisfied with your paper, you will be able to send it for revision 3 free first revisions are provided for free. If all of them were met, we will discuss the following actions with you. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them our Customer Support Representative at or place your order through our website http: Please be as more specific with your instructions as possible for the writer to include all the necessary information in your work and avoid revisions in the future.

Dear Moya, I am awfully sorry for such a delayed response. As far as I see we have a clients profile with a couple of approved orders under the name Moya. If that is not you then I would like to apologize once again that the response was not provided on time.

If you need any assignment to be done we will be glad to complete it for you. We can definitely complete the paper in 48 hours according to the details you provide. Yes, we can totally do that. You can upload the resources the writer needs to use and he or she will go through them and use them in completing your order. Yes, we have writers with degrees in Medicine and Nursing.

I'm sure we will find someone who will be able to help you. I am very sorry for getting to your question only now. Headquarters

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