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North American natural gas supply has entered an era where gas resource is essentially unconstrained, with cheaper supply generally developed and produced first. Utilizing our thorough understanding of North American full-cycle costs, Solomon believes the changing supply cost is a key influence on long-term natural gas prices in North America. Also analyzed within the report is the impact of well productivity on Henry Hub volatility and the risk that the LNG export level will have a downward impact on North American prices.

This topic report provides an overview of target markets and a forecast for Canadian gas exports by point to Expectations for market competition in regions where Western Canada gas competes are reviewed, and a regional supply-demand balance forecast is provided, including a forecast for Western Canada gas exports by export pipeline.

Also discussed are expectations for east coast Canadian gas production and pipeline flows within the region. This report delivers detailed insight into the cost components driving full-cycle costs and break-even natural gas prices by play. It is designed to help clients manage their asset portfolios—allocating capital to those gas plays that have the lowest break-even gas prices.

The report may also be used for due diligence in evaluating acquisition opportunities. This report includes a forecast for the U. Rockies and Permian Basin gas-producing regions and addresses production, well connections, initial productivity, and typical decline rates. Also assessed is the forecast for regional demand growth by sector and potential flows into other North American regions and Mexico.

The report focuses on the primary drivers of renewable generation and provides a detailed discussion of each of the five generation types: It also addresses the impact of renewable power on natural gas-fired generation. This report analyzes more than oil sands developments that have been announced or approved, are under construction, or are already producing and that require natural gas for process heat, upgrading, steam generation, or electric generation.

The report represents a major revision of an earlier Solomon report on the same topic that was issued 10 years ago. Also covered are import requirements for the US Lower This report analyzes the impact of lower oil prices not only on oil production but on full-cycle oil costs, the shut-in oil price, the economics of oil sands projects, cash flow for growth plays, and drilling. Also analyzed are lower natural gas liquid NGL revenues and the economics of liquefied natural gas LNG project economics.

The size of the considerable resource in four key oil plays is assessed, demonstrating the long-lived low-cost potential of these plays. This report analyzes the growing role of natural gas in the North American power generation mix as environmental regulatory pressures continue to mount against coal.

The report provides a forecast of power generation, by fuel type, to and discusses coal-to-gas switching, cost of new generation, and the rapid growth of non-hydro renewables such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal. Lastly, it provides an illustration of the power generation fuel mix for six US regions and each Canadian province. This report analyzes capital costs for a new natural gas transportation infrastructure in Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Our pipeline cost database incorporates 10 years of assessment data for more than pipelines. The data show that the average estimated pipeline capital cost in has doubled since The higher cost is due to higher costs for steel, labor, and construction, as well as higher population density. This report discusses the implications of growing shale production on the pipeline industry, including the conversion of natural gas pipelines to carriage of natural gas liquids NGL and oil.

The report forecasts oil and NGL regional production growth, natural gas pipeline conversions into oil, and NGL use versus the growing supply. However, supply growth in the US Northeast is creating opportunities for creation of new facilities, alteration of existing flows, and repurposing of existing infrastructure for alternative fuel service.

This report analyzes North American shale basins and provides a forecast for shale gas development to Because oil, condensate, and natural gas liquids enhance the economics of drilling wells, most wells, including those drilled in Eagle Ford, SW Marcellus, Duvernay, and Utica, will be drilled for liquids.

Get in touch with one of our Experts. The content you are trying to access requires an active subscription. Contact one of our experts to find out more. Gas Production Outlook by Basin to Growth of North American Gas Demand to Worldwide LNG Outlook to US Northeast Gas Outlook to Canadian Oil Forecast to February , 16 pages. January , 16 pages. North American Oil and Associated Gas. Lartey did not work alone. He said his entire department was dedicated to the task of taping paper back together in the opening months of the Trump administration.

One of his colleagues, Reginald Young Jr. It felt like the lowest form of work you can take on without having to empty the trash cans. According to Young and Lartey, staffers in the records department were still designated to the task of taping together the scraps as recently as this spring. Lartey and Young described a system that stands in stark contrast to how records management was conducted under the Obama administration, which ran a structured paperwork process.

Brown described a regimented process for dealing with presidential records. It was a really structured process. Brown said Obama had an eye on preserving documents for history — even ones he was not technically required to send to the National Archives.

Trump, in contrast, does not have those preservationist instincts. Lartey, 54, and Young, 48, were career government officials who worked together in records management until this spring, when both were abruptly terminated from their jobs. Both are now unemployed and still full of questions about why they were stripped of their badges with no explanation and marched off of the White House grounds by Secret Service.

Irene Porada, the head of human resources who personally terminated both men, did not respond to an email requesting comment. A White House spokesman also did not respond to a request for comment about the terminations.

Both men originally agreed to speak to POLITICO for a story about why they believe they were unfairly terminated from jobs they expected to hold onto until they retired. Both said they were forced to sign resignation letters without being given any explanation for why they were being dismissed.

In the course of explaining what their work at the White House entailed, however, both described in detail the process of taping back together scraps of paper that the president had ripped up and thrown out. Both said they were happy to discuss the oddity of a job they began to view as a sort of punishment.

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